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Rogier (Naarden, 1974) graduates at the Academy of Fine Arts in Breda in 1998. During his study he starts to work as a freelance photographer for the Dutch newspaper Trouw and for Dutch Broadcasting Agencies. At the end of 1998 he moves to Utrecht where his career takes a next step. He starts to work for several public magazines, corporate magazines, advertisement agencies and theater agencies. Since 2016 he lives and works in Hilversum, the media capitol.

On this journey he develops a truly authentic, creative style in photography. He shoots mostly colored portraits on location. Next to this he uses his portrait photography knowledge and experience for several other forms of photography, such as corporate or advertisement photography, photography for editorial expressions and social media profile portraits.

Since 2000, Rogier is a member of the GKf, a professional association of photographers in the Netherlands. Rogier is represented by photo agency Lumen Photo.


It is very pleasant to work with Rogier. He knows what he wants and what he can do. He directs you calmly, kindly and constructively, with a beautiful result: Portraits taken with care, captured with love.

Joris Linssen

There are two aspects that I find important in a photographer: beautiful photos and very pleasant to deal with. Rogier has both of these aspects and not just a bit. He has great ideas, has energy and focus and he is very pleasant. And the result of the photos has always been great all these years!

Sara Kroos

What beautiful pictures! I'm never happy with pictures of myself, but these are really nice. And it was very pleasant to work, everything was right. Thank you very much.

Hanneke Groenteman

What a nice guy is that Rogier! You immediately feel at ease with him and later you see that in the photos: no masquerade, but relaxed, truthful and, not unimportantly, attractive.

Alex Roeka

I regularly engage Rogier to portray professionals in a business environment in particular. It is always very pleasant to work together. Rogier is flexible, gets along well with the candidates and - most importantly - always delivers an image that makes me and my clients happy.

Matthijs Rijlaarsdam
Branded Content FD

Rogier has the magic of putting you at ease in front of his camera in no time. A gift that gives you a photo in which you recognize yourself and is also a pleasant experience richer. Recommended.

Renzo Deurloo
GreenFox Social Return

Quote loves working with Rogier. He always goes the extra mile, so surprising portraits always appear in our mailbox

Patrick Wissink

It is always a pleasure to work with Rogier. He puts everyone at ease, which benefits the photos. His professionalism, flexibility and friendliness make him an exceptional photographer!

Koen Adriaanse
NOS communication

Rogier is the best portraitphotographer on this earth.

Michael Andrea

Kind, flexible and above all a very good photographer: that is Rogier in a nutshell. He always asks questions during a briefing to be able to carry out the assignment as well as possible. On location he knows how to hit the right chord with the people he photographs, making them feel at ease. And you can see that in the image. He knows how to portray ordinary situations in a special way. That's good!'

Pauline Mulder
Editorial Communication specialist at Mooi Mag.
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